Eline naait een biasbandje in de vervolgcursus

Did you inherit a sewing machine or are you looking to expand your crafting skills? Take a sewing course!


Price: €150,-
Classes: 8 classes of 2 hours (8 weeks)
Dates & times: see “Groups” below

During the sewing course at Handwerkstudio Leiden you will learn the basics of sewing with a sewing machine. From threading the machine to adjusting the tension and picking the right needle, we will pay extra attention to the sewing machine and its workings. Besides that, we will get acquainted with pattern copying, reading and sewing from pattern instructions. During the first class you will receive a sewing book developed for this course.


Please email me when you are in doubt about your starting level.

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Basic 1

For those who have never touched a sewing machine before! We will pay special attention during the first classes to using a sewing machine: how to thread, adjust tension and stitches, how to use the proper sewing feet and needles, and troubleshooting. We will do some basic projects to learn the basic stitches: straight, zigzag, topstitch, backstitch, turn a corner, full stop and stitching with a curved seam. We will use the Basic Sewing Book developed for this course.


  • Reversible tote bag
    • 2 x half meter non-stretchy fabric in matching colours 
  • Pillowcase with buttons
    • half meter non-stretch fabric, 2-4 buttons
  • Choice: straight skirt or kimono vest
    • 1.5 – 2.5 meter stretchy fabric, depending on size (S to L)

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Basic 2

For those who have worked on the sewing machine before (even if that’s 20 years ago!) but want to start “properly”. We will join the Basic 1 students during the first class about sewing machines and basic stitches. Starting 2nd lesson we will work on the Basic 2 projects as cited below. Of course you can opt to do a project from Basic 1 instead. At the end of the set projects you will pick your own project from the available sewing magazines and learn to read and copy real patterns.


  • Zippered pouch
    • half meter fabric, zipper 30cm
  • Choice: wrap skirt of vest
    • Skirt: 2 meters of fabric
    • Vest: 2 meter stretchy fabric
      • for two-toned vest, 1.5 meter in fabric A (red) and 1 meter in fabric B (black)
  • Project of choice (maximum of 2 stars in the Knipmode sewing magazine)


Are you an advanced sewer who regularly makes projects on the sewing machine? There is also a spot for you at the Studio! You will be working with me on your own projects of choice with special attention to skills you are still missing. I.E. zippers, lining, interfacing etc.


Below are the sewing groups for 2018. Most of them are already full. Please consider taking Single Classes or send an email if you are still interested in sewing classes!

  • Group Wednesday morning 09:30-11:30 (17 January – 14 March)
  • Group Wednesday evening 19:30-21:30 (17 January – 14 March) FULL for 2018!
  • Group Thursday evening 19:30-21:30 (18 January – 15 March) FULL for 2018!
  • Group Sunday morning 10:30-12:30 (20 January – 18 March) FULL for 2018!
  • Group Sunday afternoon 13:00-15:00 (20 January – 18 March) FULL for 2018! 

In 2018, we are leaving our current location at the Vollersgracht in Leiden. It is unsure whether sewing classes will continue after March 2018. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date about sewing classes in 2018.

Course sign-up

Send an email to with the following information:

Email address:
Level (Basic 1, Basic 2, Advanced, Unknown):

General information

  • Unless specified otherwise, courses have a minimum of 3 students.
  • Prices include VAT, use of machines and tools, coffee, tea & snacks. Some courses require you to buy your own materials. You will be send a material list after signing up for the course.
  • All courses are taught in groups. For private lessons, please send us an email at
  • You can bring your own sewing machine (including manual) or use the ones at the Studio.
  • There are two extra classes for those who missed one. The extra class is 1 week after the last lesson of the course, same time. After that, no more missed classes can be re-taken.
  • Your subscription is complete after your payment has been received. Please pay your invoice within 14 days after the invoice date.
  • If you cancel the course up to 7 days before the start date, you will be issued a full refund. If you cancel the course 7 days or less before the start date, you will be issued a refund of 50%. After the start of the course, we cannot issue a refund any more.