Handwerkstudio Leiden is a Dutch studio, but we welcome all non-Dutch speaking people! We can teach all courses in English, and most course material is already translated.


Crocheting and Knitting

Knitting & Crocheting Knitting and Crocheting are hip and happening, and for a reason! It’s much more fun to hand-knit that stylish scarf or warm mittens. Crochet your own handmade granny square blanket or a fun plush toy or amigurumi. Once you master the basic knitting and crocheting stitches, the possibilities are endless! Are you … Meer lezen over Crocheting and Knitting


Did you inherit a sewing machine or are you looking to expand your crafting skills? Take a sewing course! Information Price: €150,- Classes: 8 classes of 2 hours (8 weeks) Dates & times: see “Groups” below During the sewing course at Handwerkstudio Leiden you will learn the basics of sewing with a sewing machine. From … Meer lezen over Sewing

Paper Workshop

Learn bookbinding, paper folding, cutting stamps, modular origami and all other things paper with Caro in the Paper Workshop! Each week we will touch a different subject, like buttonhole binding, Japanese binding or hand lettering. You’ll buy an 8-lesson punch card, and you can pick which evenings and which topics you’d like to join in. The … Meer lezen over Paper Workshop

Single Classes

From 2017 on you can follow single classes in sewing at Handwerkstudio Leiden! Ideal for advanced sewers who don’t need another course, but could use some help with elaborate patterns, tricky zippers or other sewing questions. During this class I will teach as if it is a course, only tailored to your questions and level.