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Handwerkstudio Leiden

Vollersgracht 14
2312VL Leiden
06 – 34 23 84 94

Visiting hours by appointment only.

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About us

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Foto_Siem Foto_Mardie

Hi there! We’re Ama, Caro, Simone and Mardie, three creative individuals joined together at the Handwerkstudio Leiden. In 2014, we started teaching classes at Handwerkstudio Leiden at the Lammeschanseweg, then owned by our predecessor Liz. In April 2015 we took over the Studio together with Caro, and moved to the Vollersgracht in the heart of Leiden. Ama joined us in 2017 with Knitting and Crochet classes.

We love to teach and share our passion for the creative arts.