Handwerkstudio Leiden is a Dutch company, but we welcome all non-Dutch speaking people! We can teach all courses in English, and most course material is already translated.

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The Leidse Kleredag (Leiden Clothing Swap) is a bi-annual, inspiring get-together about how to trade, upcycle and transform your old clothing. The swap is free to attend. Please bring your own clothes.

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Handwerkstudio Leiden Vollersgracht 14 2312VL Leiden 06 – 34 23 84 94 Visiting hours by appointment only. Subscribe to our  newsletter!. About us       Hi there! We’re Ama, Caro, Simone and Mardie, three creative individuals joined together at the Handwerkstudio Leiden. In 2014, we started teaching classes at Handwerkstudio Leiden at the Lammeschanseweg, then … Meer lezen over Contact & About Us